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First Magicseal Sdn Bhd
47, Jalan Cantik 2,
Taman Pelangi Indah,
81800 Ulu Tiram,
Johor, Malaysia.
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About Us

First Magicseal Sdn Bhd was established in Malaysia in 1998 where this is expertise in designing Magnetic Mosquito nets & Insect Screens, which can be installed over your doors and windows to restrict unwanted entry of the mosquitoes and insects.

Giving your home that special unique touch from our decorative mosquito screens.

We are officially authorized by our customers to sell high quality aluminium,PVC , pressed door panels for indoors/outdoors use, full height window, iron grille, casement window, wooden door, irregular shaped window, sliding doors, bi-fold door, sliding window and  etc.

First MagicSeal Magnetic Insect Screen is fully customizable for all types of doors and windows.Constructed of specially developed high quality materials.

First MagicSeal Magnetic is rot and stains proof and is UV stablilised to ensure optimum durability and suitable use to a variety of residential, commercial, agriculture and other areas need to use screens.

First MagicSeal is always prepared to meet our customers needs, offering high standards at the lowest cost.





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NOW you can say goodbye to unwanted pests that invade your home. With the revolutionary Insect Screen, you can leave your doors and windows open with confidence, keeping disease-spreading insects, birds and bugs out while letting the fresh air in.

今天就和令人讨厌,四处散播疾病的害虫说再见吧!全新突破性的防虫屏让你轻易将各种昆虫或鸟类排在屋外,同时让清新空气在室内流动, 卫生又保健。

Protect Your Family with the BEST 给您的家人最完善的保护

First MagicSeal Insect Screens are the most efficient and technologically advanced insect screen, designed to protect your surroundings. Magnetically sealed against windows and doors. First Magic Seal is so fine that it’s almost invisible. No unsightly bulges or protrusions, just complete protection at all times. Constructed of specially developed high quality materials, First MagicSeal is rot and stains proof and is UV stablilised to ensure optimum durability. And because First MagicSeal is custom made to suit your windows, you can be sure that it’ll fit perfectly, even irregular or arched windows!

First MagicSeal 防虫屏最快捷有效的昆虫隔屏风,设计灵活实用,薄而轻巧,绝对不会破坏住家环境的美观,更能够为您的家人提供最佳保护。带磁铁性的屏障能快速牢固地附在窗户或门框上,安装简易。安装后,屏障几乎是透明的,不会引起任何难看的凹凸或痕迹。
First MagicSeal 采用最优质的材料研制而成,防锈耐脏又具有稳定紫外线,坚固耐用。First MagicSeal 防虫屏是特别为窗户设计的,能够适用于各种大小和形状的窗口。
  • Perfect seal to keep out mosquitoes and other insects  完美的屏障,阻挡蚊子和其他昆虫
  • Almost invisible when installed  安装后几乎是完全透明
  • Convenient – easily fitted and removed  容易安装和拆除
  • Fully washable, rot and stain proof  可以清洗,防锈耐脏
  • Wide range of colours to match your décor  多种颜色供选择
  • Custom-made to exacting standards  可根据需要量身制造
  • Durable.   耐用
  • 1 year onsite warranty  1年场地保用

First MagicSeall Insect Screen is fully customizable for all types of doors and windows.
First MagicSeal 防虫屏可依据不同的门窗特别订造。

    a)   Full height window  落地长窗
    b)   Iron grille  铁花窗
    c)   Casement window – wood  门式木窗
    d)   Wooden door  木门
    e)   Irregular shaped window  不规矩形状的窗
    f)   Sliding door  滑动门
    g)   Bi-fold door  双折门
    h)   Sliding window  滑动窗

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